Despite what the name might suggest, this ins’t just a blog about running.  This is a blog about an urban-eco-stay-at-home-mother-runner-hippie-dancer-dreamer-doer.  Totally straight forward, right?!

If you’re interested, take a moment to learn more about me and why I fell in love with the idea of “Go Running, Mama!

If you have questions, I have answers…


You refer to yourself as a runner?  How fast are you? Do you win races?

It took me a long time to feel confident about calling myself a runner. In the beginning, I didn’t feel fast enough or accomplished enough to refer to myself in the same manner as “real” runners.  But I run… and as time passes I learn more and more each day that if you run YOU ARE A RUNNER.

I am not fast. I run around a 9 minute pace for half marathon distance and am hoping to train successfully enough to maintain that pace for the marathon distance this fall.  I don’t win races.  I will never win races.  Reaching each goal I set for myself is my “win”- I’m okay with that.

Your pictures are sometimes blurry and sometimes pixelated.  Have you thought about investing in a nice camera?

I have a fabulous camera that was a gift from my mother in law and allowed us to capture amazing memories when my daughter was an infant.  Now she is a toddler on the move, and it’s hard to pull a nice camera out of a case to capture life when it’s happening.  Life with my family comes first- which means 99% of my images come from my iPhone camera… in a Lifeproof case… covered in toddler fingerprints.  Sorry!

In your bio you call yourself “Just Mom.”  You chose to stay home, so what gives?  Are you passive aggressively resentful about staying at home?

Not at all!  I love being a stay at home mama and full time domestic.  Yes, it was my choice.  However, as someone who used to derive so much personal definition and fulfillment from my efforts outside the home I sometimes struggle with home to outwardly express my new position… sometimes it’s just easier to say “just mom!”

Is this it?  Is this all you do on the great big interwebs?

Well, this is my only project about me for me… but I’m also the Chief Mama Blogger for Bump Club and Beyond. The important thing about this blog is that it’s just about sharing my life as a mom- it’s not about deadlines, editorial calendars, or trying to monetize my thoughts… it’s just about reality. Really.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you feel welcome.  Don’t be a stranger.

And thanks to Shelly Moon at Shelly Moon Photography for the awesome shots above of my little one channeling Leo Manzano!

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