Why “Go Running?”

Go Running Mama- WDW Marathon 2013

“Go running, Mama!”

It was one of the first truly emphatic sentences formed from my daughter’s limited one year old lexicon.  If there is anything she is familiar with in her life, it’s running.  Her Daddy?  He’s fast.  Really fast.  The kind of fast person who doesn’t think he’s fast because he’s so much faster than the everyday runner that he trains his eye on the professionals and finds himself aggravated at times that he isn’t on that level yet.  Her mama?  I’m not fast.  But I’m a hard worker.  And I’m tenacious.  I see that tenacity in her more and more by the day.

“Go running, Mama!”

It’s the phrase that runs through my head every morning when I want so badly to keep my eyes glued shut after a night of  far too little sleep.  It echoes inside a brain that’s otherwise completely shut down to thought for a few hours propelling me into the cold, dark winter  or  sweltering, humid summer mornings- because a perfect temperature never seems to exist outside of the sheets… until you’re listening to the sound of nothing but your feet on the pavement.

“Go running, Mama!”

My daughter taps on the window and points outside to the sunshine beckoning us or the rain puddles taunting us.  She loves to run.  It’s an activity that consumes her whole being- arms and legs in motion, eyes wide, squealing with laughter and brandishing a smile.  She runs fast.  And hard.  And with tenacity.

“Go running, Mama!”

Because everyday I’m chasing something.  Sometimes it’s tangible… chasing my daughter through the park, chasing the dogs away from a chocolate cake cooling on the counter, chasing down a PR.  But sometimes it’s the intangibles… chasing time and memories, watching fleeting moments pass and trying to simultaneously stand still to bask in the experiences while speeding up to stay ahead of each memory so it can’t quite pass you by.

“Go running, Mama!”

I’m running for my family and I’m running for me.  I’m running to be a part of something greater while I’m running to simply be myself.  I’m running down time and chasing the sweet moments.  Because in the end, whether we are standing still or in constant motion, we are all running after something.

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