My Race Schedule

Upcoming Races

Below is a list of all of the races I’m gearing up for currently.  I’ve included links to many of the races so you can check out the courses and hopefully discover a new event to add to your calendar.  If you’re in the area, come cheer on the runners… or better yet RUN WITH ME!

  • Chevron Houston Marathon- January 18, 2015- Houston, TX

Previous Races

I haven’t been doing this for very long, so it’s exciting to watch this list grow.  It’s even more exciting to watch my times improve and my confidence grow.  Someday maybe I’ll even carve out a little time to sit down and reflect on each race.

  • Texas Flower Country Women’s 10k- May 10, 2014- Finish Time 0:56:11 First Trail Race
  • Chuy’s Hot to Trot 5k- May 2, 2014- Finish Time 0:24:34
  • Sunshine Run 10k- April 27, 2014- Finish Time 0:52:04 First 10k
  • ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon- April 12, 204- DNF at mile 9.5
  • Austin Half Marathon- February 16, 2014
  • Aramco Houston Half Marathon– January 19, 2014- Finish Time 2:19:12
  • ZOOMA Texas Half Marathon- March 23, 2013 Finish Time 1:58:34 PR; Top 100 Finish
  • Austin Half Marathon- February 17, 2013- Finish Time 2:24:55
  • WDW Marathon Goofy Challenge- January 12-13, 2013 Finish Times: Half 2:33:01 Full 5:22:48
  • Indie 5k- December 5, 2012- Finish Time 0:23:06 Ran for Team Joovy
  • Nike Women’s Marathon- October 14, 2012- Finish Time 5:11:13 First Full
  • RetailMeNot Austin Marathon Relay- September 23, 2012 Team Finish Time 2:58:46
  • BMO Vancouver Half Marathon- June 2012- Finish Time 2:23:12
  • Austin Half Marathon- February 19, 2012- Finish Time 2:29:43 FIRST RACE

Virtual Races

Sometimes you need just a little more momentum than a training run provides.

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