My Sole Friends

Team Victorious

Go Running Mama- Team Victorious

These ladies are about as grassroots a group as they come. In 2012, Nike issued a challenge- whoever could create the largest “team” to run together for the virtual half marathon would be guaranteed entry in into Nike Women’s Marathon. Quite the coveted award. Julie Hendrickson (now known by 1,000+ Team V runners as “Captain Jules”) organized those of us that were paying attention on the NWM facebook page, and we organized into a team unrivaled in number and, as time progressed. unrivaled in spirit. Though a virtual team, we provide one another with a level of tangible support. And now we are guaranteed to always have a running teammate in any race- near or far. We ran SF in 2012 and now we run the world!

If you enjoy fitness/running bloggers, check out a couple of my Team V teammates at Melissa Running It and It’s all About the Journey.

Run Gorgeous: Gorgeous Mamas

Go Running Mama- Run Gorgeous

There is nothing like a mother runner! Our Run Gorgeous crew is made up of current or former members of the teacher led play co-op Gorgeous Millie in Austin, TX. As moms, we all ensure that our children are given every opportunity we can provide- including the best nutrition, enrichment, and activity… so it’s fabulous to have a group of women dedicated to ensuring we do what is best for our health and well being as well.

If you enjoy genius level literary talent in the form of family blogging, check out fellow Gorgeous Mama, Kristin Shaw, at Two Cannoli. (It’s not a dessert blog. It wont upset your training- I promise!)

Team Joovy

Go Running Mama- About Me Jenn

Okay, so there really isn’t an official “Team Joovy” (or if there is, maybe I’m Team Joovy) but I’ve had the opportunity to run a race representing on of my favorite brands on the planet which is pretty cool. I didn’t get paid, but I got to run a race for free as the only baby jogger participant (obviously that makes me the winner of the stroller division, right?!) surrounded by some pretty serious runners that normally would be corralled WAY ahead of me… and I got to represent a family brand that I genuinely love and use.

Nearly every mile I’ve ever run in my life has been run after the birth of my daughter which means a significant number of them were logged behind a jogging stroller. I own several jogging strollers, but the only one I purchased with our family’s diligently budgeted money was the Joovy Zoom360. I totally love Joovy because they are a family owned (Texas native) company that wants families to have the highest quality product without going broke. Running is a relatively free activity that nearly anyone can do to get in shape- and I love that Joovy produces a quality product that allows new mamas to enjoy running without having to spend a semester worth of college savings on an excellent jogging stroller. Like I said, I love the Joovy crew… and maybe they’ll just keep on loving me enough to let me keep running for them!

Wear Blue: Run to Remember

Go Running Mama- Wear Blue

Wear Blue is an organization of civilians and military personel that create a living memorial to the fallen through running. Becoming a member of Wear Blue requires no financial obligation of runners, but provides a reminder to the community that freedom isn’t free and conveys a message of support to the fallen, the fighting, and their families.

Personally, I Wear Blue in honor of of the 41 fallen soldiers from 5-2 SBCT killed during deployment to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom who served alongside one of my family members.

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